Flying a puppy from Johannesburg to Cape Town, George, PE,ELS and Durban

Who do we use?


We use BidAir Cargo PetLounge. We do the booking for you, and everything is sent to you via email and Whatsapp. Click on the logo  to visit their website

Darlington yorkies at pet lounge
How does it work?

Once you confirm that you would like to purchase a yorkie puppie from us, we do the flight Booking. The Booking cofirmation, as well as our agreement is then sent to you via email. Booking of flights has to be done 36 hours in advance. On the day of the flight, the puppy is booked in at PetLounge. You will then get sent a photo of the Manifest which is what you will use to collect your puppy from PetLounge. You will also be sent directions on where to collect your yorkie as there are PetLounge offices at all major airports.

How expensive is it?

Flight cost is suprisingly very affordable. You can expect to Pay between R750 (Durban) to R870(Cape Town) for the flight. This includes crate rental, and there are no hidden or additional charges or fees

Cost estimates 

People are generally pleasantly surprised to find out sending a puppy with an airline is actually very affordable. Cheap in actual fact, if you compare it to the cost of road delivery.  Here are some estimates on what you can expect to pay:

  • Johannesburg to Durban – R750
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town – R850
  • Johannesburg to George – R850
  • Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth – R870
  • These prices include the crate – which is yours to keep  ***THERE WILL NEVER EVER EVER BE ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES AFTER THE BOOKING*** 
How safe is it for the tiny yorkie puppy?

Very safe. I have used Bidvest PetLounge to fly pocket and teacup puppies, and I have never had any issues. Puppies dont even know they are flying. They are very safe and snug in the crate, and before they know it, they are with their new families.  Yorkies normally travel very well by airplane. We will rather recommend flying a puppy , than sending a puppy by road. Puppies have to be vaccinated and dewormed, and can only fly 2 weeks after the vaccination date.  (Don’t worry about this, all our puppies are vaccinated at 6 weeks, and we generally send puppies to their new homes at 8 weeks of age)

Your puppy will be put in the crate with a blanket that has mom’s familiar smell, to help keep the baby comfortable and make him/her feel more at home.

Worried about scams?

It is very easy to verify a legitimate breeder. Here are some of the checks you can do:

1. Contact the flight agency (Like PetLounge) to confirm the flight booking

2. Contact the Registration authority to verify the breeder

3. Google the breeders Kennel name and see what comes up. Specifically do an image search. You will easily be able to see how long this breeder has been around

4. Search the kennel name on Facebook and other Social media Platforms.

5. Request a Video call to choose your puppy



Yorkies pet Lounge with crate
Pet Lounge with crate
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