Puppy Pack – What do I get with my puppy?

Health Guarantee

Your new puppy is guaranteed to be of good health and free of any communicable disease at the time of sale  ***Terms set out in Purchase agreement

Food Sample

You get a small food sample to help puppy transition to the food you choose to use

Dogie Toys

You get a toy that has mom’s scent and will help your baby adjust to his/her new home

Puppy Blanky

A soft familiar blanky accompanies your puppy

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Care Advice

I will be available 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns

Info Booklet

You get a yorkie care booklet with information on yorkie care and feeding

Vaccination Card

You will get your puppies vaccination booklet showing the firt vaccination and deworming

Purchase agreement

You will get a copy of the purchase agreement that sets out all the details of the sale.

Microchip details

Your microchip details will be included when applicable.

Congratulations on Choosing a Darlington yorkie

You can rest assured that you have purchased a pure bred, yorkie that is from excellent lineage

We’ve loved your puppy from birth

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Health Care

It’s now your responsibility to look after your puppy and provide follow up vaccinations

Vaccination schedule

Please give your puppy the Health Care he/she deserves. SOUTH AFRICAN VACCINATION SCHEDULE FOR PUPPIES (6 WEEKS TO 1 YEAR) 6-8 weeks 1st puppy shot (DHPP) + Corona 11-12 weeks 2nd puppy shot (DHPP) + Corona 15-16 weeks 3rd puppy shot (DHPP) + Corona over 4 months Rabies (repeat 1 year later)