Essential Supplies needed for your new yorkie puppy

Yorkie puppy supplies

Yorkshire Terriers are loving friends, curious explorers, eager playmates, devoted companions, and tenacious defenders. They are tiny little dogs with feisty but sweet temperaments, and they have a very specific set of needs.

If you decide to buy a Yorkie puppy and make him / her a member of your household, it’s smart to assemble a checklist of all the items you’re going to need before you even bring the puppy home. Essential items like food and grooming supplies are a no-brainer, but have you thought about what kind of leash you should use or how you are going to keep your new puppy safe when you are not around? Where do you start?

Leash and harness

Attach a leash to a soft harness rather than a collar. One thing research has taught us is that yorkie puppies have tiny little windpipes, and they are susceptible to damage when using a regular collar. Using a harness means when puppy pulls the pressure will be on his/ her chest rather than the throat, and it’s generally harder to slip out.

Remember: Young puppies are prone to running off without remembering: A) They are on a leash, B) There is an end to the leash, and C) Bad things will happen when they get to the end if they are running at full speed. It’s easy to see how a harness is better in such a situation.

Puppy Food

Your Yorkie puppy will be an inquisitive little furball. Your puppy can and will try to eat almost anything a grown dog eats. Your puppy will try to eat anything a cat eats, a bird eats, a person eats, and even some things nobody is ever supposed to eat.

Of course, that’s not always a good thing. Just because puppy will try to eat these things doesn’t mean they are healthy for him. Start him / her off on good-quality dry puppy food. Puppy food is formulated differently than adult dog food, and the pieces are smaller. I think it is smart to choose a major brand you know you can trust, not something generic.

While your puppy will earn some treats, weasel some table scraps, and probably chomp down a bug or two, this dry puppy food should be the basis of your puppy’s diet. Yorkie puppies needs to be fed at least every 2 hours, but because toy breeds like Yorkshire Terriers can sometimes end up hypoglycemic if they don’t eat enough – I choose to always have dry food available for my puppies so they can eat whenever they want.

Water & Food Bowls

Of course, all that good food needs to be served properly. When choosing bowls remember that your puppy is just a little thing for now, and a water bowl big enough for him to bathe in may be overkill. Our shop keeps bowl small enough for your puppy to last him into adulthood

I recommend getting stainless-steel bowls. Some experts have concluded that these are healthier for pets in the long run, as opposed to the plastic versions which can scratch and harbor bacteria, or ceramic bowls that might have questionable glazes and finishes.

The Puppy Playpen

Puppies need a lot of attention. Without their mother and littermates, they are relying on you for the stimulation needed for their proper development. This primarily takes the form of play, training, and social interaction.

Sometimes, you will need to put your yorkie in a safe place – In these times, the puppy playpen will be a godsend. You can buy them specifically for dogs, or do like we did and get a children’s play area. Ideally, it should be big enough for a Yorkie puppy to run around a little, play with toys, have a place for food and water, and a blanket or mat for sleeping.

Once the puppy is old enough, you can give him/her free roaming of the house

Toys! Toys! Toys!

For a Yorkie puppy, having a variety of different toys will keep the little mind working and growing and assist in your puppy’s development. As an adult dog, the same toys let him exercise and bond with his humans.

Also, I’m not sure it is possible to spoil a dog, as he’s pretty much going to be pampered his whole life anyway. It’s not like he’ll have unrealistic expectations of the world when he leaves college and enters the workforce or something if he has too many toys – thus you can buy your yorkie as many toys as you like.

Toys keep dogs thinking, provide a medium for play between you and them, and just plain allow everybody to have some fun. You don’t have to go, but don’t overlook the importance of a nice arrangement of toys for your puppy’s growth and development.

Grooming Supplies

You want your puppy to look good, but more importantly; you want him to be healthy. You don’t need to spend a whole lot on grooming supplies, and you probably don’t care if your dog is fit to enter a dog show. Doing the minimum is cheap and easy and goes a long way toward keeping him healthy.

Yorkies need to get used to being brushed from a young age. Yorkshire Terriers have long hair when it is left to grow, and their coat can become a mess if you don’t take care of them. Your yorkie may actually come to like being groomed after he gets past the stage where he thinks it’s fun to attack the brush.

Likewise, get him used to someone touching his feet so nail clipping is easier and safer. You may wish to have the vet do this when he’s little.

Shampoo and baths are important. Get a shampoo formulated specifically for yorkies, as normal dog shampoo and even human shampoo is too harsh. However, some owners do use baby shampoo on their puppies.

Blankets/Beds/Comfort Items

It’s a good idea for a puppy to have a doggie bed or blankets that are specifically “his”. You can put the blanket / bed, in his playpen, and on the floor where puppy liked to play. This will give your puppy a sense of security when around these objects.

Little dogs also appreciate soft surfaces like cushions and blankets for staying warm. They can disappear into a blanket/bed. In fact, even adult yorkies like to burrow under a blanket or into a bed when they sleep.


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