Yorkie puppy development

Week One

Newborn Yorkies New Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born weighing mere ounces, with their eyes closed. They are so tiny and fragile, their mother bathes them and nurses them frequently to keep them nourished and stimulated. Dew claws are removed and tails docked. Their mamas are their primary caregivers.

Week Two

Tiny & sleepy After the first week has passed, a newborn Yorkie puppy is starting to move a little more and making a few more noises. Eyes are still closed, and the breeder keeps a close eye on sharp nails so they do not dig into their mamas. Puppies are already gaining weight.

Week Three

Opening eyes Hello world! At week three the eyes begin to open and puppies are getting better at squirming around – although they really love to huddle for snuggles with their litter-mates. Speaking of litter-mates, right around here they are starting to wrestle and get more vocal.

Week Four

More aware Puppies are getting more adventurous and have developed a stronger sense of smell. They’re starting to learn basic toileting and tuning in and responding to the world around them.

Week Five

Growing curious Now the world is really coming alive to the tiny Yorkie pup. Puppies are beginning to show affection and their personalities are making themselves known as they wrestle and make use of their voices.

Week Six

Hello gorgeous Puppy’s fur has begun to grow, and the puppy is starting to look more like a Yorkie. Puppies will begin to be introduced to softened kibble.

Week Seven

Wanna play? By seven weeks the pup’s energy levels have picked up considerably and they want to play and sleep all day – their mamas need breaks.

Week Eight

Ready for adventure. At eight weeks your puppy is stronger and ready to come home. Puppies are weaned, vaccinated and dewormed preparing for life with you.