The difference between Yorkies and Biewer Terriers


Biewer and Yorkie – How are they Different, and Which one Should you get?

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At first glance, both the Terriers look the same. They both are small, energetic, playful, and adorable in every way. They even look the same with their shirt and shiny coats. It is no wonder that many people think of them as one breed of the name “Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.” 

However, contrary to what many people think, Biewer Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier are two different breeds. Biewer actually descends from Yorkshire but has several distinctions that set them apart.  

What Does a Yorkshire Terrier Look like?

The main difference between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer Terrier is the hair colors. When born, the Yorkie might appear almost black, with a mix of brown and tan hairs. As they grow older, their coat color also dramatically changes. They often lighten to blue, a color unique to the Yorkies. This could vary from silver-blue or dark steel blue. The brown will also make way for golden hair. 

What Does a Biewer Terrier Look like?

Biewer Terriers are German breed of Terrier. It is the first breed to be recognized as a purebred through scientific advances instead of traditional pedigree breeding processes. Biewers are usually born black, white, and tan.  

Difference between Yorkshire and Biewer Terrier  

The most notable difference between the two breeds is in color. While Yorkies are more limited to blues and tans, Biewers have three color coats on them that will sweep around unless trimmed and groomed. 

Biewer Terriers are also very lighthearted, with a whimsical personality. They behave like dogs but are hearty and can give you company on even hikes and long walks. 

The Yorkshire Terrier, on the other hand, is bolder and is often used as hunters. Biewer also has a softer coat among the two breeds. Both make for friends and ideal household pets.  

What are the Similarities? 

Despite being different in personalities, their appearances have a few similar characteristics owing to the same gene line. Both breeds are hypo-allergenic, limiting the allergy-causing dander that releases with shedding. They both are preferred as indoor pets and can offer companionship of about twelve years.  


Yorkshire Terriers are native to Yorkshire in England, and hence the name. They are no older than 100 years and were first bred for catching the rats in the town’s mines. They were also good hunters. The ancestors of Yorkies could be traced to the Scottish breed, Waterside Terrier, brought into England. 

Biewers, as we discussed before, originated in Germany. The name comes from the Biewer family, who first bred the puppy using DNA. At that time, the German registry did not recognize Yorkshires with three colors, which is why Biewers were categorized as a different breed. 

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