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Below you will find Articles relating to puppy and yorkie care and training. If there is anything you would like to see on this page, please email me on yorkies@darlington.co.za or whatsapp 063 984 0586. I am always trying to improve my site.

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Buying a Yorkie Puppy


Yorkie Puppy Care


Parvo virus / Katgriep in yorkies


Tick And Flea Treatment


How to really make a dog smile


Puppy Psychology


Six tips for looking after your puppy (According to Science)


Common Health problems in Yorkies


What to do if my yorkie is in heat


Yorkie puppie Essentials


10 Easy Tricks to teach your dog


Potty training


Pet Insurance


Looking after a teacup yorkie


Giving a yorkie as a gift


Is it difficult to look after a yorkie?


All about your yorkies coat