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Yorkie puppies for sale – 8 July 2024


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Birthday Package

We offer an exclusive birthday package with a puppy essential pack inlc delivery and photos

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We have a wide variety of yorkie puppy essentials in our store. This can be purchased on site or delivered with your puppy

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We regularly fly yorkies to Cape Town, George, Durban and Gqeberha. We use BidAir Cargo PetLounge


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Looking for Yorkie breeders Cape Town? Looking for Yorkie breeders Pretoria? We can assist you no matter what area in South Africa you are in.

Are you situated in Cape Town, George, PE, or Durban? And want to buy a yorkie puppy from us? Find out how here: Yorkie travel

We regularly fly puppies to all major airports. We use Bidvest PetLounge and flight cost is surprisingly affordable. We can also easily be verified and have other solutions for your peace of mind.

Yorkies pet Lounge with crate
Darlington yorkies at pet lounge
Darlington yorkies at pet lounge
Pet Lounge with crate

New Yorkie Puppy Care

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Puppy Proof your home

Yorkies are curious by nature and they will run around your home and chew on everything. Make sure the puppy doesn’t have access to the back of television cabinets, computer desks, wall units and other furniture

Hypoglycemia in Tiny yorkie puppies

Hypoglycemia / Low blood sugar, is completely preventable. When you first bring your yorkie puppy home, I strongly advise you to feed yorkie your puppy. Make sure your yorkie puppy eats every 3-4 hours, even if it is a small amount and even if you have to hand feed your yorkie pup. Honey or syrup may also help as an emergency measure for low blood sugar

Dental Care

Dental issues can be prevented by brushing the teeth of your pet regularly to avoid the accumulation of disease causing bacteria on the gums. You can brush their teeth either in the morning or in the evening.

Height and the tiny yorkie

It can be fatal for a yorkie to jump out of your arms when being held. When you pick your baby up, rather sit down and make sure you hold puppy. Do not put the puppy on a chair or couch as she can be seriously injured when jumping off.

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We offer yorkies for sale in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Krugersdorp,Boksburg, Bedfordview. Our yorkies for sale are all registered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. We mainly have pocket yorkies for sale, as well as teacup yorkies for sale. From time to time we also have miniature yorkies for sale as well as standard size

Question & Answer

What Should I feed My yorkie

I recommend Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Small & Mini

Should I get a boy or a girl

Both females and males will be Yorkies! This means that they will have the personality and traits of this particular breed. What does this truly mean? This means that you will have a dog that loves attention, loves you with all of their heart, wants to please you, is the perfect size for an indoor dog and will be a loyal and a full-of-personality canine companion for their entire life. So, if you are trying to decide on which gender is right for you, both will give you the ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ experience.

Are yorkies prone to health issues

No. If you buy from a reputable breeder, and you make sure all vaccinations are up to date, your yorkie will live a long happy life

What Colour yorkie Can I choose at Darlington

We only breed traditional coloured yorkies which are Silver and Tan and black and tan. We occasionally have chocolate puppies bred from traditional parents. We also have Biewer Terriers from time to time. We do not breed exotic yorkies

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We feed & recommend Hill’s

Why Hill’s ?

The first year of your puppy’ s life  is very busy as far as development goes.  You need a dog food that is able to keep up with with their growing nutritional needs. Hill’s Pet Food is just that. Hill’s Dog food contains Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA that will support your puppy’s brain and eye development, while the higher levels of calcium will aid puppy’s growing skeletal system, plus protein too support muscle growth.   We have been breeding Yorkies for over 10 years, and have tried quite a few brands on the market. We have found that Hill’s are definitely the better option for our Yorkshire Terriers


Darlington is proud to be part of the Hills Breeder Association

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